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Everyone has a role to play in creating a more sustainable world: Dow is taking action to address the full scale of challenges, collaborating with partners to improve the industry’s processes and through innovation to help communities become more sustainable.

From Purpose to Action: Building a Sustainable Future Together

Sponsored by Dow - 58 Published Articles
Creating Infrastructure Today That Can Withstand Tomorrow
Increasing climate intensity and resulting recovery costs can be daunting; but we must continue focusing on updating our infrastructure with the advanced materials-science-based technology available today.
The Tennessee River’s Biggest Fan Is a 14-Year-Old Boy Passionate About Conservation
In this conversation with ‘the Conservation Kid,’ Cash Daniels, we learn more about what drives his passion to clean up the Tennessee River and lead his generation toward a brighter future.
Have We Found the Uni-Corn? Creating Bio-Based Solutions for Renewable Plastic
The future of sustainable plastics could lie in corn husks and stems discarded during harvest. A Dow-New Energy Blue collaboration is turning these agricultural residues into bio-based plastics — benefiting both Midwestern farmers and the climate.
Finding Potential in Peers: The Importance of Pre-Competitive Partnerships
Industry leaders are forming pre-competitive pacts and deals to build ecosystems that support a circular economy or a net-zero roadmap. Here are three areas where pre-competitive partnerships can deliver material impact.
Evolving Our Infrastructure Means the Wire and Cable Industry Must Prioritize Sustainability
To sustainably support the tremendous global demand for connectivity, collaboration is needed across the value chain to create solutions that enable more information to move faster, with greater protection and safety, using less energy.
Tomorrow’s Circular, Low-Carbon Economy Is Being Built Today
The supply of recycled plastics must be more robust to meet global demand. A mix of mechanical and advanced recycling technologies can provide tangible solutions, create efficiencies and increase scale.
Q&A: Why Partnerships Are Essential for Delivering Circular Packaging for the Food Industry
While flexible packaging plays an important role in keeping food fresher longer, it has long been difficult to recycle. Designing more recyclable flexible packaging from the start and determining a better end-of-life process for current materials is a vital step in reducing food waste.