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Unilever Sharing Formulas for Lower-Impact Ice Cream Recipesss

Unilever Sharing Formulas for Lower-Impact Ice Cream Recipesss

Unilever’s reworked ice cream recipes can now stay frozen at lower temperatures, helping to lower freezer emissions. Now, it’s sharing 12 reformulation patents for the industry to follow suit.

‘The Definition of Integrity:’ Keys to Driving Sustainable Growth in Challenging Times

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Daggerwing Group’s Michelle Mahony discusses operationalizing sustainability strategy, purpose-washing, and equipping teams to be ambitious in the face of the greatest challenges of our time.

Preparing for the CSRD’s Impact on US Companies

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Like many recent rulings coming out of the EU, the CSRD is designed to drive the rest of the global economy — including around 3,000 US companies — towards meaningful action and ESG disclosure.

A Sound Solution: How Palmear Is Revolutionizing Palm Tree Pest Control

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Palmear’s acoustic-sensing, AI-powered app helps farmers monitor palm tree pest populations and deploy targeted interventions for effective control.

Getting Consumers to See the Light on Solar

MARKETING AND COMMS - A lot of concerns that remain barriers to more widespread adoption of residential solar can be addressed with relative ease through tailored messaging.

More Sustainable Animal Protein Is Possible Through Innovative Breeding and Genetics

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - A blend of technology, sustainability practices and advanced genetics that is helping revolutionize the beef and dairy industries is emerging to address our global protein-deficiency problem.

How to Ensure Better Offsets and Save the Carbon Market

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Newer players Climate Vault and Covalent are banking on their unique approaches — along with the dreaded “R” word, regulation — to salvage the credibility and efficacy of carbon markets.

Japanese Dairy Farming Being Optimized by Digital Tech, Sustainable Practices

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Farmnote’s system uses AI to learn and analyze individual cows’ health, allowing for remote cattle management — helping dairy farmers to enhance productivity and utilize their time more effectively.

G Adventures Expands Commitment to Tourism with Positive Environmental, Community Impacts

SUPPLY CHAIN - The tour operator is reforesting 13 countries severely impacted by climate change and relaunching its Ripple Score — a tour-evaluation rating that lets travelers see how much of their trip fees remain in the communities they visit.

Making a Clean Break from Fossil Fuels

WALKING THE TALK - Collectively, the communications industry can be a catalyst for change; and it’s our hope that we can use our power to focus on climate solutions, clean energy and promoting initiatives that help us carve a just transition and path forward.

The Future — It’s Electric! But Are We Ready?

CLEANTECH - Reducing GHGs can’t be maximized by simply building solar arrays or windmills. While we upgrade our existing power grid, we must embrace and scale other clean-energy technologies — including renewable natural gas.

California Climate Disclosure Laws Will Put the Spotlight on Governance

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Let’s use the momentum behind the new mandates to rethink the corporate structures that hold back environmental and social progress.

Coachtopia Turns Waste Into ‘Impeccable Taste’ in New Holiday Campaign

MARKETING AND COMMS - The circular brand’s “Wasty Holiday” campaign highlights the fact that up to 43% more waste is created during the holidays than at any other time of the year.

NextGen Consortium Outlines Path Toward Circular Economy for Paper Cups in US

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Insights include solutions for paper mills, materials-recovery facilities, brands, consumers and communities to increase recovery of paper cups and reduce waste to landfill.

Student Demand for Low-Impact Meals Increases After Climate-Labeled College Menus

MARKETING AND COMMS - Results from first year of Chartwells Higher Education’s exclusive partnership with HowGood show positive correlations between climate labels on menus and sustainable choices.

Molecular Recycling Could Be Crucial to Realizing a Circular Economy

THE NEXT ECONOMY - We caught up with Eastman’s Plastics Division President, Scott Ballard, who explained the potential of molecular recycling as the company prepares to show the world what’s possible.

The Estée Lauder Companies Announces Fiscal Year 2023 Social Impact and Sustainability Report and Climate Transition Plan

PRESS RELEASE - The Estée Lauder Companies Releases Fiscal Year 2023 Social Impact and Sustainability Report and Climate Transition Plan The SI&S Report highlights advancements made over the past fiscal year toward social impact and sustainability goals, while the Climate Transition Plan, published in tandem, outlines a roadmap to achieving the company’s fiscal 2030 climate targets.

How the US’s Most Abundant Crop Is Changing the Way Plastic Is Produced

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - In a perfect example of the circular economy in action, corn stover — stalks and leaves left over from harvest — becomes a valuable cash crop for which farmers can get paid.

Supporting Farmers in Landlocked Countries to Enter the Nutraceuticals Market

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Overcoming commodity dependence is a complex challenge. Here are steps that brands, impact investors and governments can take to help smallholder farmers in LLDCs benefit from the nutraceuticals market.

Venerable Japanese Company Goes Circular with Versatile, Upcycled Textile

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Meet NUNOUS — a brand-new, radically versatile material made from fabric waste — developed by fabric-dyeing giant Seishoku Co., Ltd.